Welcome June 2020 with these 10 Joyous Festivals

Welcome June 2020 with these 10 Joyous Festivals

People from around the world plan for an India tour because they are enticed by the festivals and the year-round celebrations that take place in the country. The rich culture and heritage of India is one of its defining features and no other country can beat its celebratory mode which is always on. The month of June is approaching soon and is bringing along several fascinating festivals. If you wish to spend your summer vacations enjoying the festivities, this is your chance. Take a look at the list of festivals of June 2020 to plan your holiday accordingly.

The Glorious Puri Rath Yatra

The Glorious Puri Rath YatraThe famous Puri Jagannath Temple in Orissa hosts this festival wherein deities perched on grandiose chariots are taken through the streets in a grand procession including musicians, dancers, devotees, and pilgrims. It’s a sight worth seeing and an event worth being a part of.
When: 23rd June
Where: Orissa

The Lively Ganga Dussehra

If you are on a Varanasi tour during this time, taking a dip in the Ganga River at the Dashashwamedha Ghat is an experience you can’t miss out on as the festival marks the day when Goddess Ganga descended on Earth and blessed the site with her divine and flourishing presence.
When: 01st June
Where: Allahabad, Garhmukteshwar, Haridwar, Rishikesh, and Varanasi

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The Colourful Saga Dawa

The Colourful Saga DawaAdorned with musical performances in colourful costumes, grand monk processions, and the iconic masked dance of the monks, the Saga Dawa is a merry celebration. Marking the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha, the festival is truly a great way of turning ritualistic events into a fun episode.
When: 05th June
Where: Gangtok

The Annual Festivities of Bonalu

A South India tour in the month of June will be quite a fun ride for you. Visit Telangana for partaking in the festivities of Bonalu- a festival dedicated to Goddess Mahakali and you will be surprised to see the ritual of offering meat and alcohol to the goddess while savouring the same yourself.
When: 28th June- 19th July
Where: Telangana

The Sacred Kottiyoor Utsavam

Almost a month long festivities take place in the Kottiyoor Temple of Kerala during the Kottiyoor Utsavam. It is the only time when the Akkare temple is kept open and the village hosts a wonderful fair to mark the occasion.
When: 03rd-30th June
Where: Kerala

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The Jolly Panihati Chida Dahi Utsava

The pond of ISKCON Temple in Bangalore is decorated for a vivacious event wherein the deity is bathed with curd, milk, ghee, and other pure items while the devotees revel in the festivities. It is a great time for a Bangalore excursion as you will get to see the most alluring side of the city.
When: 04th June
Where: Bangalore

The Unique Sao Joao Festival

The Unique Sao Joao FestivalIt’s only possible in the Party Capital of India that a religious ritual is marked with men jumping into wells in search of alcohol bottles. The Sao Joao festival of Goa is an unconventional event occurring in many Goan villages where locals take part in musical events, boat races, and dancing to pray for a safer monsoon ahead.
When: 24th-25th June
Where: Goa

The Cultural Treat of Yuru Kabgyat

The Cultural Treat of Yuru KabgyatPartaking in this 2 day long festival taking place in the Lamayuru Monastery is one of the most interesting things to do in Ladakh. The Buddhist festival is celebrated with masked dance dramas, showcasing the mythological stories for the locals.
When: 18th-19th June
Where: Ladakh

The Musical Shimla Summer Festival

The Musical Shimla Summer FestivalA scenic Shimla tour would become all the more memorable if you plan it during the Shimla Summer Festival. The fest takes place to honour Mother Nature that has been so kind and generous to the gorgeous hill station. The harvest festival is celebrated with folk dance, musical events, and exhibitions showcasing handicrafts, food, and flowers.
When: First week of June (tentative)
Where: Shimla

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The Auspicious Ochira Kali

Imagine people carrying replicas of ancient weapons and engaging in mock fights in a waterlogged surrounding. It’s extremely thrilling, to say the least. Visit the Kollam district of Kerala to witness this fascinating celebration that is unlike any other.
When: 15th-16th June
Where: Kerala

With so many festivals falling in the month of June, your summer holidays are definitely going to be full of fun. Visit these places to return with a bag full of interesting anecdotes and remarkable memories.


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