What Makes Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’?

What Makes Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’?

Out of all the tourist destinations in India, Kerala has always been on the top of my travel list. Peaceful beaches, picturesque landscapes and pleasant weather have always intrigued me to travel to this beautiful state.
Kerala is located on the south-west coast of India with Arabian Sea shoreline of almost 600 kilometers and a perfect destination to experience geographical diversity. With an abundance of natural attractions and vivid culture, Kerala has marked its significance on the top charts of tourist destinations, which is why I was more than excited to explore ‘God’s own country.’

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Before planning to book a Kerala tour package and visiting the state, I took a lot of time to research and learn about the place and found out Kerala has a wide array of beautiful tourist attractions to offer and I must say I’m not disappointed. The place was everything I hoped it to be- beautiful, surprising and satisfying. 

What are the best places to visit in Kerala?

Munnar- A hill-station located in the Idukki district of Kerala is a beautiful town referred to as the Kashmir of South India.  For a moment I thought where could I find mountains as beautiful as those in the North, but I was certainly wrong. The lush green stretch along the Western Ghats with weather as pleasant as it could get, Munnar was definitely one of my favorites. 

Alleppey- A small city in the state, Alleppey is popular for its rustic backwaters and luxurious cruise experience. The tranquil canals and lagoons gave me a perfect escape from the hustle of the tiring city life and made our vacation absolutely worth the while. 

Wayanad- A rural district in Kerala which was surprisingly one of the most adventurous places I visited in Kerala. Covered with forest land, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is abode of many wild animals. Our travel guide also suggested us to try the famous trekking routes which was an absolute adventure and an out of the box experience for us, being in Kerala. Kerala tour is a wonderful means to enjoy a jaunting experience.

 Athirappilly Falls- The highest of waterfalls in South India, Athirappilly falls is a magnificent tourist attraction. For everyone who visits Kerala, I would suggest you to definitely sign up for Athirappilly day tourThe view is absolutely divine and the pleasant weather would never make you want to leave.

When is the best time to visit Kerala?

We visited Kerala in the winters, which is also the most preferable season to visit the state. Kerala experiences heavy rainfall during monsoon which makes it difficult for the travelers like us to explore. November to March is the best time to visit the state if you want to see the alluring beauty in full bloom just like we did. Also, visiting the state right after monsoon can also be very pleasing. Freshly washed flora looks like a picture painted with bright colors and looks so bright and vibrant that you would not want to take your eyes and cameras off.

What sets Kerala apart from other tourist destinations?

Being in Kerala made us realize how different it is from all the other states in the country. While exploring the state we came across some interesting facts which I would like to share with you. 

  • Kerala is the cleanest state in India
  • It has a vibrant culture with most number of regional festivals celebrated in the state. 
  • Kerala has the highest literacy rate of 94% in the country. 
  • The state has the highest consumption of gold amongst all the other states in the country. 
  • You can experience the coastal serenity, pleasant weather of hill stations, explore wildlife and take rides in the calm backwaters, all in the same state.

Our Kerala tour was an absolute bliss and I would always fall short of words to explain how surreal this place is. From beaches to mountains, everything we explored was exceptional.
The delectable cuisine gave us the flavor of authentic South-Indian food with a burst of fresh spices and special cooking techniques. Not to forget the famous calming Ayurveda massages and nature walks which were so replenishing for our mind and bodies.

Kerala for sure is a splendid tourist destination and has earned the name of ‘God’s own country’ being a galore of various cultural art forms, dynamic eco systems and beautiful landscapes.


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