Top Attractions and Things to do in Cochin India : Cochin holiday trip


Cochin is also known as Kochi or the Queen of the Arabian Sea, situated on the southwest coast of the Indian peninsula. It is one of the most scenics and the largest city of Kerala surrounded by so many fascinating things.

Now, the question comes to our mind that ‘What is the best way to explore the allure and must visit places of Cochin?’, ‘What are the top weekend gateways of Cochin?’, ‘Where to shop, stay and eat in Cochin?’ and the list of many more related questions.

No need to worry folks, I’ll try to give the answers to all your questions through this blog. So, if you are interested in a Cochin holiday trip, then, you surely get the chance to explore everything from ancient monuments to breathtaking locations.

Here is the list of best places to visit during the Cochin city tour

Chinese Fishing Nets – The Chinese Fishing Nets is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cochin. It’s a huge fixed installation of fishing nets for fishing, each structure is around 20 m the horizontal and 10 m high and operated by up to six fishermen.

Chinese fishing nets

Fort Kochi beach – It’s a widespread beach along the Arabian Sea gives the peaceful and relaxed surroundings and clean sandy atmosphere with picturesque views of coconut trees, sea water, and green bushes.

St. Francis Church – This is the oldest European church in India built in 1503. This church is historically significant as the body of Vasco da Gama was buried in this church which later on after 14 years was shifted to Lisbon.

Santa Cruz Basilica – This 500-year-old church is one of the impressive and finest churches in India. This magnificent church was constructed in Indo-European and Gothic style of architecture with artistic grandeur.

Jewish Synagogue and Jew Town – This was built in 1568, is a perfect blend of antique items, amazing architecture, and magnificent ambience. Inside the Synagogue there are so many antique items like chandeliers, lamps, ceramic tiles from Canton, China, two gold crowns, and much more.

Dutch Palace – This palace was also familiar with the name Mattancherry Palace, built in 1555 A.D. This two-Storeyed palace has four wings, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva temples, ladies room, Kaithal room, Coronation hall, dining hall, royal bedchamber, and assembly hall.

The flooring of the palace is so unique as it is made up of a mixture of burnt coconut shells, egg whites, plant juices and limes. The Palace displays items like Mural Paintings, royal palanquins, silver sequined gowns, royal umbrellas, ceremonial royal sword, and many more items.

Bolghatty Palace – This palace was built in 1744 by the Dutch, this is one of the oldest existing Dutch Palace outside Holland, which is now converted into a beautiful heritage resort.

Hill Palace – This huge palace was built by the rulers of Cochin in the year 1865 which is now converted into an archaeological museum houses paintings, sculptures, weapons, and royal artefacts.

Along with these beautiful and historical places, Cochin has several more major attractions to visit like Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary, Museum of Kerala history, Parikshith Thampuran Museum, Cherai Beach, Veega Land, Marine Drive, and Willingdon Island.

Things To do in Cochin

Boat Ride – You can admire the beauty of Cochin through boat ride starts at 9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 5:30 pm, this boat ride covers the major attractions of the city. Boat ride tours are of different types like –

Cochin Sight-seeing Tour Timing: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm and 2 pm – 5:30 pm; Rate – 150/head.

Sunset tour Timing: 5:30 to 7:00 pm; Rate – 100/head.

Metro village backwater tour Timing: 7:00 – 11:00 am and 3 pm – 7:00 pm; Rate – 350/head.

Cherai Beach tour Timing: 2:00 – 7:00 pm; Rate – 350/head.

Kathakali Performance – Kathakali is one of the beautiful forms of Indian Classical Dance Form in which the artist perform to portray the ideas from the Hindu epics like Ramayana and Puranas.

Shopping in Cochin

Cochin is renowned for its handicrafts items, figurines, mat, colourful bead jewellery, bangles, items made from coir, wood, bamboo, shells, brass, ivory and sandalwood.

Few famous markets of Cochin are Marine Drive popular for perfumes, bags, watches, suitcases, CD’s, and music cassettes. Penta Menaka for electronic items and mobile phones. MG Road for textiles, readymade garments, jewellery, toys, home furnishing, handicrafts, decorative items etc. Broadway for its clothes and spices.

Best time to visit Cochin

Cochin can be visited in every season due to its distant charm in different seasons. But the best time to visit Cochin is from October to February. From March to June is the summer time when you get the least crowd and great deals in hotel tariffs. And from July to September is the monsoon time.

Best Places to eat in Cochin

Being a coastal town, Cochin offers a plenty of seafood. Cochin has food according to everyone’s taste and pocket from roadside eateries to upscale restaurants, from north Indian food to Chinese, from Spanish to Continental and from Vegetarian to Non-vegetarian.

Some famous restaurants in Cochin are Acra Nova Restaurant, Dal Roti, Ginger House Restaurant, Kashi Art Café, Kayikka’s Rahmuthalla Hotel, The Rose Boat Malabar Junction, and Solar Café.

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